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Read and Sign the PLEDGE:


Barack Hussein Obama rightly emphasized the fact that last November's Midterm Election was a referendum on his despotic policies and actions. And the result was crystal clear: "We the people" emphatically repudiated Obama's treasonous agenda! The GOP recaptured the U.S. Senate and widened its control of the U.S. House.

Yet even on election night, the Republican Party's quisling congressional leaders premeditatedly LIED to us about the significance of that overwhelming outcome. They spoke of a mandate to work WITH Obama, selfishly ignoring Americans' emphatic call for an end to Obama’s traitorous attack on the U.S. Constitution!

Make no mistake: the GOP's quisling leadership knows full well that the only MANDATE given the Republican Party is for them to take whatever action is needed to keep Obama from turning American into a tyrannical dictatorship! These RINOs realize that their supporters not only want Obama to be stopped but his damage undone. These frauds are fully aware we want Obama removed from office and brought to justice for his many crimes!

The fact is that they are too selfish and too similar to Obama to do what's right!

It's time for the GOP elite to pledge allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and:

All of this can and will be accomplished by IMPEACHMENT! This, therefore, is what the American people elected Republican candidates to do!

And ousting Obama is NOT a partisan ploy! Impeachment is required -- even demanded -- by the U.S. Constitution as the answer to exactly what the despotic Obama is doing to our nation! It is no exageration to say the very survival of our Constitutional Republic depends on Obama being impeached and removed from office!

Instead, GOP turncoats immediately betrayed the public's trust during the lame-duck session by shamelessly aiding and abetting this enemy of the liberty! Openly embracing Obama's rejected policies, Republican leaders even twisted arms to fully fund Obama's destructive agenda throughout 2015! And they did so boldly and without shame, congratulating themselves on the result, happily accepting Obama’s praise of their willingness to betray the constituents who elected them.

And when Americans devoted to Republican principles cried out for a courageous Speaker of the House who will NOT aid and abet the enemy, these self-absorbed cowards backed RINO John Boehner AGAIN!

Yes, once again, voters who chose to trust present GOP leadership have been betrayed!


The not-so-Grand Old Party sadly may lack leaders with the intestinal fortitude to impeach Obama, but WE THE PEOPLE still have the GUTS and the POWER!

Pledge with Life & Liberty PAC to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, DOMESTIC as well as foreign!

With this Pledge, YOU have one last chance to get Republican "leaders" to do what's right: Amplify your November vote by making your voice resound throughout the Halls of Congress!

BLAST-FAX every Republican member of the U.S. House, which will file Articles of Impeachment, and the U.S. Senate, which will put Obama on trial!

Life & Liberty PAC asks you to read and then send your demand for all Republicans to Pledge to Impeach Barack Obama. As you do, please consider how crucial your donation today will be for Life & Liberty PAC to get this message to as many patriots like you as possible to generate so great a groundswell that the GOP will no longer be able to ignore us.

Think of it: You may well be the patriot who changes the course of American history through your gift that will lead to Obama's ouster and our nation's rescue.


Barack Hussein Obama rightly said the Midterm Election was a fererendum on his despotic policies and illegal executive actions. And, as you know, "we the people" emphatically repudiated his unAmerican agenda! Yet GOP Members of Congress did exactly the opposite during the lame-duck session, funding amnesty and ObamaCare for 2015. Were you one of the turncoats? You have to admit that too many times Republicans have promised one thing in order to get our votes, then cravenly caved to aid and abet the enemies of liberty!

For America's sake, this treachery must STOP NOW!

If the decisive outcome of the Midterm Election wasn't loud enough for you, hear this: IMPEACH OBAMA!

I want you to know that I am pledged to successfully seek the impeachment of Mr. Obama. And I DEMAND that you, as a member of the Republican Party, DO THE SAME!


We the people gave the Republican Party a mandate to take whatever actions are needed to remove Obama from office and bring him to justice for his many crimes -- NOT to COOPERATE with this dictatorial despot! I call on you to keep your oath of office to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution! I therefore demand you do everything in your power to:

We the people will be watching to see which Members of Congress are willing to courageously do what's right and IMPEACH OBAMA. I will support efforts to publically call out any and all who refuse to honor their oath of office!

Do you have the unselfish courage to do what's right for our Constitutional Republic, to take the decisive action that the Constitution demands? Will you stand firm against the threat of coersion and intimidation on BOTH sides of the political aisle? Will you, as a patriot, stand against Obama's dictatorial abuses, no matter the odds, for the preservation of our God-inspired heritage of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?"

Or will you be seen as a self-absorbed elitist who, like Obama, arrogantly considers yourself above the law with no accountability to the American people who elected you?

Are you really going to cooperate with Obama and thus aid and abet this proven enemy of the Constitution? Are you actually condoning Obama's power-mad corruption?

And do you really want your family name to go down in history as a traitor to the Constitution, a modern-day Benedict Arnold who selfishly sold out the United States of America?

If you are not a promise-breaking "Republican in name only" then personally reason with RINOs and convince them to uphold party principles, to defend the Constitution, to defuse this brazen attempt to overthrow our government and to seek justice through the constitutional impeachment process!

You know the truth: the land we love has never been in such peril, that it must have conservative answers to its many problems! What's more, down deep you know our troubled nation will not survive unless you DO YOUR DUTY!

To not act in a timely manner is to side with this would-be tyrant! So, please, for America's sake, shelve any personal goals that would keep you from following the Constitution and IMPEACHING OBAMA!

I ask you again: PLEDGE TO IMPEACH! And make your public, knowing Americans will greatly support leaders with courage!

We the people will be watching closely. And we promise to make absolutely sure history records the names of those who now betray their oath to the Constitution and membership in the Republican Party to continue such GOP treachery at this pivotal moment.

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