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Life and Liberty PAC is not only dedicated to recruiting and electing Constitutional, Conservative 100% Pro-Life candidates for federal office. We are also a highly mobilized national advocacy and communications Political Action Committee.

Barack Obama's candidacy and subsequent election was relentlessly promoted by the elites in our nation as an opportunity which would represent historic breakthroughs in the struggle for racial equality, justice, and human rights in America. The American electorate was moved to embrace this view, and voted for a candidate about whom they actually knew little. The substance of Obama's agenda and governance was downplayed to the point of dangerous neglect. For example, Life and Liberty PAC worked mightily to carry forward the shocking truth of Obama's pro-abortion extremism, (Link to the Pro-Life Project) yet many pro-lifers refused to believe his record, and voted for him.

As the nation is now experiencing, the success of our people's never-ending struggle to increase and instill justice in our common national life depends utterly on respect for the immutable principles of the American Declaration of Independence, the rule of law under our Constitution and its system of ordered liberty, the Constitutional sovereignty of the American people, and the natural and civil rights of all individuals in the United States remaining Constitutionally secured. Abandonment of these foundational structures bequeathed us by our Founders for building a just society is a sure road to serfdom of "We the People" and tyranny of a leviathan government methodically enslaving us.

Tragically, every day of the Obama administration brings confirmation of this truth: reports of some new travesty signaling loss of our liberty via federal hostility to those bedrock Declaration principles, abandonment of the Constitution, contempt for the rule of law, and rejection of respect for our God-given individual rights. This has been nowhere more blatantly obvious than in Obama's un-Constitutional refusal to provide the most rudimentary proof of his eligibility to hold the office of President, and in the anti-Constitutional machinations surrounding the passage and implementation of ObamaCare, the Orwellian, death-dealing "healthcare reform" law that is Obama's signature act of federal legislation.

Along with securing their persons and property against abuses of government power, nothing is more essential to maintaining liberty than the Constitutional rights that give citizens assurance against repression and abuse as they speak and act on political matters. Of these matters, issues that involve respect for the Constitution are the most critical, since without the Constitution the institutions that assure the peoples' sovereignty over their government are lost, and the rights and freedoms that facilitate their political participation and authority are eroded.

Life and Liberty PAC is deeply concerned with actions emanating from the Obama regime that are extra-Constitutional in nature, and actively hostile to our liberty. Three areas are of particular alarm – the relentless pro-death Socialism of the Obama faction's legislative and policy agenda which pushes government-subsidized abortion on demand and eugenics; the persistent crisis of Obama's Constitutional eligibility to serve as President; and his unprecedented abuse and expansion of his Executive Branch powers and authority whereby he is usurping the balance and separation of powers with the other two branches of the Legislature and the Judiciary, and he is further abusing through appointments the placing of personal "czars" and political cronies in positions of enormous bureaucratic and regulatory authority, by-passing and violating all norms of Constitution-mandated Congressional oversight.

Life and Liberty PAC has ongoing citizens' Action and Advocacy projects to respond to these three principal categories of Constitutional crisis. We invite you to join us!

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